Nerissa Marie

Nerissa Marie loves writing inspirational books and sharing love and light throughout the universe. Her books inspire positivity, meditation, mindfulness, confidence, courage and healthy self-esteem. She believes all beings are equal, sacred manifestations of the divine and that when we recognize the divinity within all beings, we create a pathway to inner-peace and a harmonious planet.

She is the author of several children’s books, poetry books, and self-help books. Her books endeavour to be positive uplifting and inspirational to gently guide the reader to discover their ever-present truth, their heart, the core of their being. To discover that they are illuminated souls of light and love, one with peace, harmony and well-being.

Life is a journey and all emotions and experiences; pain, despair, failure, success, joy and happiness are healing tools guiding us deeper within ourselves until we discover the source of our true being, bliss and love. She dedicates her writing to co-creating a peaceful and compassionate world.