Abyss of Bliss

So happy to share with you my new poetry book Abyss of Bliss. The journey to creating this book truly was a labor of love. As I scribbled down notes delivered by the divine during the night. I cannot take credit for the words in this book as I know they were delivered by the angels. Many blessing.

In Joy!


Abyss of Bliss is a poetry book exploring the purpose of life. This spellbinding poetry, goes beyond emotion, beyond form, beyond belief and explores the resounding truth of peace, love and wellbeing hidden in the heart. Beautiful soul healing love poems that reach into the depths of the self.

Seek the beauty behind the veil. When the mind is silent, we discover divine love, our true nature. We are nothing more than beams of light floating through consciousness, projecting desires into the abyss. All the while forgetting we are pure, simple, humble, manifestations of bliss.

This is a magical poetry book filled with, enchanting illustrations. The raw poems embrace life’s challenges and the beauty that lies beyond our conscious mind. The illuminated, love that is all pervading, ever present and resides within you.

Abyss of Bliss, is a poetic journey created with the intention that you may adventure within to find happiness, and discover the confidence and courage to shine bright! This glorious poetry collection inspires inner strength, compassion and courage.