We spend our life running around in constant states of reaction. This tea is too hot! This bed is just right, soft and cosy. I love my dog. I hate my life! I’m a failure! There are reactions that feel comfortable and relaxed and then there are those[…]

Have no worry for where you stand For you are simply more than woman or man Do not cling to misfortune For you enter with nothing and leave without So what’s the virtue behind all these things you worry about? Let your worries be handled by source The[…]

You light the dark An infinite spark Oh how you glow Filling the cracks that feel hollow You’re a messenger of the divine You are sublime You light the way So we can see What it is to be free You’re nothing but bliss A ripple across the[…]

A diet containing pure foods and water is the precursor to attainment of radiant health. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine brought forth the theory that bad diet causes disease and quotes, ‘Let your medicine be your food and food your medicine’. An unbalanced and unhealthy diet is[…]

Bach Flowers embrace holistic healing. This approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity. Bach Flower Remedies can be described as a system which promotes healing by restoring harmony in awareness. When vital energies are channelled the wrong way or blocked, Bach[…]