The Earth is sobbing, and I feel her pain rippling through my body. People are suffering. Scarcity is felt in the heart of humanity and people are losing loved ones, losing stability and my heart feels torn in two as I see the glimmers of this great tragedy[…]

One of the bravest things you can ever do is to listen to your heart. So often we drown in expectations of ourselves and others. We try so hard to fulfil, the longing in our soul to be loved. Yet we ignore the very place deep within, our[…]

Recently I have been on a clutter clearing binge. Slowly the more I let go of, the more I am willing to release that which no longer serves me, holds sad or stagnant energy, or could bring an enormous amount of joy to someone else. In the 21st[…]

Our ocean is a seething, pearl bubbled mass of life, love and emerald visions. Who doesn’t retreat to the ocean when life feels tense and tiresome and not come back feeling a little more rejuvenated and inspired? It is out of our control, a vast expanse of jewel[…]

Christmas has really been portrayed throughout the ages as a giant party, an unravelling of new things, a time of laughter, cheer, indulgence and family. However for many people Christmas and the festive season has become a lot more stressful. Almost painful. Hurtful relationship arise at the forefront[…]

Looking for love we seek grace from above We desire perfection We are haunted by our greatest deception ~ that we are unlovable We all want to be liked, want to do what’s right Definitions of good are dominated, dictated Quivering we decide we hate what is us[…]