Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers embrace holistic healing. This approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity. Bach Flower Remedies can be described as a system which promotes healing by restoring harmony in awareness. When vital energies are channelled the wrong way or blocked, Bach Flower Remedies re-establish harmony.

Dr. Bach’s philosophy embraces divine healing power. Flower Remedies are wonderful for healing slight mental disturbances and for dealing with major oppression. Dr. Bach focused on creating remedies which were designed to treat and heal the personalities, feelings and emotions of his patients. He believed if he could aid the alleviation of someone’s emotional distress, this would unblock the body’s ability to heal physical trauma.

Flower Essences embrace a form of energetic medicine which can be used to relieve stress and ameliorate the psychological cause of disease. When one is taking the Flower Remedies they don’t have to be concerned with harmful side-effects or overdoses.

Flower Remedies promote soul healing by embracing all that is good, pure and positive and encouraging these beliefs and values to imprint on our essence. This rare healing ability is not easily embraced within the world of allopathic medicinal practices. Yet its purity of spirit and the divine healing ability produce wonderful results. So we may blossom to our full potential.

There are characteristics which Bach referred to as the virtues of our higher self; these include gentleness, firmness, courage, constancy, wisdom, joyfulness and purposefulness. Embracement and love of these soul qualities aid the path to true happiness. If these are not brought to realisation, opposing feelings, such as unhappiness and depression will develop sooner or later. The potential virtues which we have not yet realised present themselves from their negative side, Bach tells us, these are the true cause of disease. The value of the Flower Remedies is that they promote inner harmony and acceptance. Thus providing an environment filled with all that is good and pure for us to grow on physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Flower Remedies are pure, harmonious energy frequencies. Symptoms may be temporarily intensified; however this allows the soul to release suppressed blockages by bringing them into full consciousness. Expansion of consciousness will enigmatically have a reaction in the unconscious. Whatever arises from the unconscious will never be more than what one is able to cope with in the moment. It’s impossible to induce an artificial curative crises with the Flower Remedies. Flower energy merely supports the higher self.

Flower Remedies can also be used harmoniously with other forms of treatment, which makes them an invaluable tool. In the treatment of chronic conditions, Flower Therapy may stimulate the patient to gain insight into deep-seated causes. They can also be used safely and valuably during pregnancy, childbirth and for infants, children, animals and plants. These essences are wonderful for anyone suffering from anxiety, hidden fears and suppressed negative emotions. As they create a safe platform for us to heal and grow, in a non-aggressive or invasive way. They promote calmness and well-being.

Flower Essences help us reintegrate with our life environment without changing anything, inducing a sense of balance and peace. They are produced from natural plants, without any chemicals or other ingredients. They are also non-addictive and help to alleviate despair, with no unpleasant or damaging consequences for our bodies. Flower give our bodies the chance to recover from the damaging effects of stress in a natural, healing and pleasant environment.

Flower Remedies are a wonderful form of holistic, treatment helping the healing processes of body mind and soul. Disease is caused by obstruction of the free flow of the four levels of being: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual and Physical. They assist in giving insight and clarity to one’s life, as well as courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue our dreams.

They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality, creativity and joy. Flower Essences encourage a release of negative beliefs that are held in the subconscious mind. Allowing positive virtues, such as love, joy, faith and courage to be embraced into your being. When this happens negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved; health, harmony and happiness is restored and true healing occurs.