Blessings of Kittens

Blessings can arrive in all shapes or forms. I had the brightest blessing arrive at my door. A little stray kitten who we called Blessing. This beautiful little kitty had been hanging around my home for some time. At first I presumed someone in the neighbourhood had brought home a new family member as she was new to the area. After a while, she started sleeping on my garden furniture, and staying at my home well into the evening. I began to wonder. Does this pretty little girl have a forever home?

Quick, timid and ultra-sensitive, Blessing, was a hard kitty to catch! Amazingly my angels, two weeks prior knowing (obviously!) that I was supposed to take care of this little girl delivered a free sample of kitty food with my weekly groceries. At the time of delivery I wondered; why on Earth has the shop given me sample cat food? I didn’t need to ask the shop however as it was my guardian angels that could explain.

I began feeding kitty. I rang many animal shelters. No one was much help at all! Until I found a delightful family run animal shelter. It was very small, but the woman running the organisation was a vet and ever so helpful. I was so worried about this little angel when I realised she’d been sleeping in a bush in my garden, through rainy weather! No one could coax her out and not having much experience with kitties I didn’t know how to bring her inside. I realise now that a little of tuna would have this kitty in your house in an instant.

I set up a kitty litter, big cardboard box lined with towels, cushions to sleep on, and a food bowl. Blessing, the little angel, was far too scared leave the bathroom when I first put her straight in there, but after a couple of days she’d wander about and watch me cooking hiding behind a wall so just her little eyes could be seen as she leant forward to see what was happening.

 Soon she was enjoying pats and rubs behind the ears. She only ate if I watched her, and I learnt cats like people who they trust to stand guard whilst eating. I practised picking her up, even though she’d jump down quickly. But day by day she became more open, more trusting and comfortable with me. It’s funny but as I was helping her, she helped me to embrace the moment and feel joyous through our shared love. On her last day she sat on my lap and enjoyed a cuddle. Such a little Blessing!

I began to feel Blessing may be pregnant. The vet who ran the animal shelter was overwhelmed during the week and I promised to keep Blessing whilst she looked for a forever home for this little angel. Blessing and I grew closer and closer. She made my heart fill with love and feel so nurtured.

As I knew I wasn’t able to adopt her I prayed for a forever home for this little darling. The morning after I’d surrendered my prayers the vet rang. “I’ve been overwhelmed with offers to adopt Kitty! People have been arguing over who shall keep her!” I had a look at their Facebook page and one of the ladies who asked to adopt her was named Shiva, this little kitty was indeed divinely protected!

I learnt a lot from fostering this little angel. I learnt that if you can foster a kitty for a little time, she may never have to be caged. I wasn’t prepared for this baby to go to a place where she wouldn’t be adored. Giving the vet the time to re-home her was a wonderful idea as it meant less stress for Blessing.

               Here are some notes:

  • When an animal appears to you it’s looking for your help. It’s come to you because it’s distressed and knows you can handle taking care of it.
  • If you’re ever feeling scared find a safe space. This little girl loved the bathroom and then branched out.
  • Ring as many animal shelters as needed and find someone who really wants to help. I found the smaller organisations to be the most helpful and generous. I think as they weren’t so overwhelmed.
  • Whenever you help an animal, they help you. They share unconditional love, bless your home and open your heart.
  • You’re stronger than you know. Even if you’ve had only a little experience with animals, you’ll soon learn their nature and be able to help their self-esteem. Just as they can help yours!
  • At some point I’d love a little kitty to nurture for a lifetime!
  • Even though it’s sad when animals leave to go to their new homes, remember the blessings they share with you.

When I got her to the vet, we found she didn’t have a microchip and was filled with a bundle of blessings. This little girl was pregnant! I offered to keep her during the pregnancy if needed. However her forever home was experienced at delivering kittens and delighted at the thought of caring for these happy bundles!

Animals help us on so many levels. They bring joy into our lives. Smiles and happiness.

I was really sad to let little Blessing go. I’d done everything for her that I could and found her a safe, loving forever home. I knew even though I wanted to keep her it was best for her to go to a place where she could settle forever. Sometimes it’s important we can see the big picture when we’re caring for animals.

There’s always room in my heart for more animals. If you want to help an animal out, try fostering if you don’t think you can adopt. This way these animals always have loving homes. Animals are beautiful and I love them all!

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