Christmas has really been portrayed throughout the ages as a giant party, an unravelling of new things, a time of laughter, cheer, indulgence and family. However for many people Christmas and the festive season has become a lot more stressful. Almost painful. Hurtful relationship arise at the forefront[…]

So happy to share with you my new poetry book Abyss of Bliss. The journey to creating this book truly was a labor of love. As I scribbled down notes delivered by the divine during the night. I cannot take credit for the words in this book as[…]

Happy children grow and develop into happy adults. Often happiness in childhood is overlooked. School grades and behavioral issues can be scrutinized but the inner world of little ones forgotten. As we are taught that coping is healthy and thriving is a bonus. Tools such as meditation, self-love[…]

Hi and welcome Beautiful Angel! I feel so grateful to share with you my book release Paris Mafia Princess. The book is a romantic comedy, chicklit, which promotes self empowerment and positivity in a fun and loving way! I like to call it a modern day woman’s spiritlit![…]

Appreciation, gratification, warm wishes, we all enjoy giving and receiving these acts of kindness. Gratitude is a powerful tool. It helps us to see the world in a positive light. When we appreciate the joy of being alive, the softness of our sheets, our spouses, partners, children, relatives[…]

All that we watch and hear, absorbs into our consciousness. We take on the energy. Be it from radio, music, television, movies, or listening to the replay of a story from a friend. Empowered individuals choose what they allow into their conscious and subconscious minds. Until we realise[…]