All that we watch and hear, absorbs into our consciousness. We take on the energy. Be it from radio, music, television, movies, or listening to the replay of a story from a friend. Empowered individuals choose what they allow into their conscious and subconscious minds. Until we realise[…]

Life Seams Life isn’t all it seems A jumble of dreams, The ego, leaves us hollow So we don’t know where to turn Or who to follow Trying to prove, we’re better than the rest We get into the groove, of putting our mind to the test Take[…]

In bliss, We realise nothings amiss There is nothing to fear Love is already here We are the light That shines so bright The one we seek Take a step back, Look for a crack Nothing is real, it’s all surreal The air; I’ll let you in on[…]

Have you ever walked into a room and found yourself immersed in feelings of comfort, happiness and love? On the flip side have you ever walked into a space and sensed that the atmosphere laced with tension, felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave immediately? You’re inexplicably aware that[…]

A diet containing pure foods and water is the precursor to attainment of radiant health. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine brought forth the theory that bad diet causes disease and quotes, ‘Let your medicine be your food and food your medicine’. An unbalanced and unhealthy diet is[…]

Bach Flowers embrace holistic healing. This approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity. Bach Flower Remedies can be described as a system which promotes healing by restoring harmony in awareness. When vital energies are channelled the wrong way or blocked, Bach[…]