The Earth is sobbing, and I feel her pain rippling through my body. People are suffering. Scarcity is felt in the heart of humanity and people are losing loved ones, losing stability and my heart feels torn in two as I see the glimmers of this great tragedy[…]

May you always walk with your head held high. Remembering no matter what, no matter where you came from, deep within you know we all originate from the same place. You are a blessing to this world. A swirling magestic blessing of light and grace.  

Hello beautiful angels! I’m delighted to share with you my new kids book, Thomas Discovers The Purpose Of Life. The book is designed to help children discover inner peace, and awareness and to be able to transmute their worries in a healthy and positive way so they may[…]

The goodness of poetry is present to nourish our soul. When I first heard the line, “Though may soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” I literally swooned! Talk about beautiful,[…]

Hi and welcome Beautiful Angel! I feel so grateful to share with you my book release Paris Mafia Princess. The book is a romantic comedy, chicklit, which promotes self empowerment and positivity in a fun and loving way! I like to call it a modern day woman’s spiritlit![…]

Divine Breath Escape the haze, created by the minds maze Those you fear, are only here because the scared part of your soul allows them near Everyone is a guest in your reality Even your own family Let everything melt Forgive the cards you’ve been dealt Close your[…]