We spend our life running around in constant states of reaction. This tea is too hot! This bed is just right, soft and cosy. I love my dog. I hate my life! I’m a failure! There are reactions that feel comfortable and relaxed and then there are those[…]

Your beauty doesn’t sleep You are not skin deep You transcend time and sit wide awake to meet your prince, but he doesn’t exist You don’t lay in a tower You’ve already claimed your power You rule your own kingdom inner dominion Undaunted by thoughts, negative taunts you[…]

So happy to share with you my new poetry book Abyss of Bliss. The journey to creating this book truly was a labor of love. As I scribbled down notes delivered by the divine during the night. I cannot take credit for the words in this book as[…]

Key Affirmation: I always attract a bright and positive future. Many of us, for various reasons, feel afraid of the world. We feel broken by people, by places, by circumstances. This brokenness feeling can make it really hard to move forwards. We don’t want to look back as[…]

Hi and welcome Beautiful Angel! I feel so grateful to share with you my book release Paris Mafia Princess. The book is a romantic comedy, chicklit, which promotes self empowerment and positivity in a fun and loving way! I like to call it a modern day woman’s spiritlit![…]

Crystal Healing Gemstones have been attributed as symbols of wealth, power and beauty for thousands of years. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Garnets, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Citrine, Quartz and Emeralds are adored and prized all over the world. Many value the cut, colour, clarity and size of a beautiful gem.[…]