Death – Guilt and Shame

Why is it, when someone leaves this world, instead of celebrating their life we’re left with a great big hole, a gash, an open wound? The space they left behind, the small form their human physique took on this planet seems open and bloody. When a baby is born we embrace their presence, welcome them on their flight to Earth and nurture them with love. Yet as a being dies, there seems to be nothing left, nothing to hold, their body begins to decay, their form is lifeless.

For one to enter, another must leave. It’s almost as though the three piggies rolled over and one fell out. But to where? Can we speak to them again? Tell them we’re sorry for the things we said, or did or didn’t do? No, we can’t. Yes, we can on an astral plane, but we’ll never physically be able to look them in the eyes and say, “I’m sorry.”

We must realise there’s no storehouse for our painful emotions. No container filled with guilt, shame and blame. Reserved just for us. Do we hold a key and can we access these memories with a physical presence? We can’t, as they are thought forms. They are not real. They simply create a stagnation of fear in the physical and etheric bodies.

If someone has died in your life and you feel guilt, shame or blame, realise these emotions are projections. Ones we use to avoid the feeling of loss. They may have been projected onto us by departed loved ones before they left, and we feel dutifully bound to repeat patterns of negativity.

If you had a little child before you would you consciously make them feel guilt, or shame? Of course not. Treat your own inner child with the love you reserve for others. To heal the world, we need to heal the wounds we inflict on our spirit. If we are perpetually trying to be something or someone, we’ll never be happy.

When someone crosses over our relationship changes also, as they step into love and away from fear. Their Earthly presence with which we may once have created un-harmonious relationships with shifts. They now embody love and can become our guardian angels. No matter the past. As all beings on Earth are reflections of our divine-self guiding us back to our heart centre (even if the journey is sometimes painful) where we can unveil the truth of our being, love.

We need to trust, in the power that elevates our consciousness and provides us with life. We are the embodiment of life itself, we are love. Your breath indicates your validation to be present on Earth. No one can take that from you, they can however leave you feeling worthless, when you choose to hand over your power. Instead trust in the creator, in source, in life itself.

The emptiness we feel when someone departs, is the lack of love that we see in ourselves. It shows where we are not loving ourselves enough. When someone crosses over and they step into a path of love, we are forgiven. We are embraced with divine love. For in the dimension in which they’ve disappeared into love is all. We first need to forgive ourselves and to stop looking to others to heal the wounds of our soul. We are all beings of light and love, and when we recognise this, we acknowledge we’re freedom itself.

Nerissa Marie