Empowering Visions. Why do I write?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the intention behind my writing, behind this Inspiration blog. Why do I write?

To be honest, I don’t want to be motivated by pure self-assertion. It feels scary like pursuing a dream where you’ll only be happy when everybody loves you. Let’s face it, that’s chasing the impossible. Why is it impossible? Because we already are love. We can’t become more lovable. It’s the fibre of our being.

When we chase love, we most create walls around us. Protective ego barriers that say, ‘I am worthy!’ or ‘I deserve the best’. These walls are fragile as they are boundaries which block us from feeling the depth of our soul. From hearing the whispers of our being, ‘I am loved, safe, already whole and complete’. We paste illusion onto our dream existence.

So if we aren’t looking for self-validation, and instead want to strip the walls that block us from seeing the core of our essence, what else can these writings offer? I offer my vulnerability. My desire to look into the mirror and see the real me. The love based being. Who sometimes feels a little, scared and lost, but deep within the heart desires more than anything to merge with the self.

I’d like these writings and everything I do to promote world peace. To promote a society where without judgement we offer our hand to help pull each other up. I want this world to be a safe place for all races, all religions, all animals. For humans to live without fear. Where mistakes are forgiven, and we help each other to grow stronger and more confident.

Everyone has a unique gift that can help another. Some are wonderful and sharing words, others cuddles, smiles, inspiring confidence, safety, or expanding abundance. When we realise our gifts, it’s important that we share them.

‘Let nations ally themselves no longer with death, but with life; not with destruction, but with construction; not with hate, but with the creative miracles of love.’ Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

For me I find that even when I am frightened, I seem to have the ability to centre myself become present and feel God in my heart. To feel as though I am supported by angels and to feel the pulse of love wash over my body. I want to share this gift, for others to feel the same. I’d like for my writing and spoken words to capture this feeling and spread it our amongst the world.

I believe if we can discover the core of our being. If even for one second of your life you can recognise the divinity that has made you manifest. The divine peace that is hidden behind the walls, the shame, guilt, fear and resentment. You’ll be forever bathed in the light of love.
This all-pervading force brings about world peace. For the only reason humans defer from this path is because they believe in egoic delusion. When we discover the truth of our being and reside in that truth we are free.

Everyone deserves love, happiness, shelter, comfort and support. We need a community that supports one another with open arms. Yes, we need time for mass healing. For the wounds of prejudice and egoic delusion to heal. But as we step into awareness of God consciousness, we allow this magical presence to sweep across the land.

May you be blessed. May we live in harmony. May peace grace your soul.