In Your Grace

Looking for love we seek grace from above

We desire perfection

We are haunted by our greatest deception

~ that we are unlovable

We all want to be liked, want to do what’s right

Definitions of good are dominated, dictated

Quivering we decide we hate what is us

and this is what breaks us

If you could only see your soul

your perception would shift of how your life’s story is told

You glitter in gold

You are heaven scent

You are the breathe of empowerment

You are the love for the person who appears off track

You are grace

You are majestic

You are the light in the heart

You are the peace behind the fear,

the grace behind the black

You are forgiveness of doubt

You are blames mother’s love

You are everything and nothing

And when you surrender to you,

you dissolve the idea of two

and become the compassion in all beings

that love, we are all needing



~ In Your Grace

Poem by Nerissa Marie

Artwork Josephine Wall