Listen to Your Heart

One of the bravest things you can ever do is to listen to your heart. So often we drown in expectations of ourselves and others. We try so hard to fulfil, the longing in our soul to be loved. Yet we ignore the very place deep within, our heart space, from whence this love arises.

Dreamsbecome shadowed as they are shared and we allow our fears and negative expectationsto get in the way. This isn’t a bad thing, it is a part of the humanexperience. Of living in a dualistic world where things appear as good or bad. Thiscreates cuts in our aura and we start to fear the idea of truly tuning in anddiscovering what it is that our heart wants to experience in this life.

Drive, ambition, motivation, these things sound so beautiful yet for some they can be suffocating. Especially when things don’t turn out as planned. When there are bumps in the road. Sometimes we need to realign to our heart, to create a new plan. Not one that has been designated by our families, friends and society, but a plan that comes forward from the heart centre. A pathway that is surrendered to intuition, to inner-peace and acceptance.

To tune into your heart:

  1. Rest in the stillness. Allow your mind and body to be still and rest in the warmth that emanates from your heart. Allow this glow to fill your soul. Sometimes the heart centre can be hard to find when we are busy or stressed, but your heart is there, it is open. It is waiting in the silence of nothing for you. It is in the beinglessness, the isness, the beauty of quiet.
  2. Allow yourself the space to daydream. We often turned off daydreams and fairy-like behaviours as throughout childhood it is often shunned. Allow yourself time away from phones, and computers and television, to watch the rain, wind caressing clouds and light kissing the trees. When you feel empty think of something you would like, or somewhere you would like to be. How does the story play in your mind. Does it leave you feeling fulfilled or empty? Your daydreams can guide you on your hearts path. It’s not so much a manifestation path but a quick look into how you expect something to play out; removed from internal judgements. Be discerning if subconscious fears arise, but be open to watching stories in your mind. For you are a powerful being, life is taking care of you, you are being guided. Surrender. Trust.
  3. Walk in nature. Allow the Earth to connect you to your heart centre. Take your shoes off, sing, breath, be, nature is the fibre of your being, the bridge between the dreamworld and experience. A soul re-generator.

You are a beautiful and magical being. More worthy than you know. Your experience, your feelings, they are important. You don’t have to heal and balance all of those around you, they are on their own pathway. Your devotion channelled through your heart, removes hooks and bonds that keep you stuck and feeling tied to pain. You deserve to feel wonderful and to have a wonderful life. You are so magical that you can heal your wounds. You can trust your soul. You can surrender to this moment. Dancing amongst the stars, embracing the LOVE that you are.