Need for Reaction – Soothing the mind, through mindfulness and stillness

We spend our life running around in constant states of reaction. This tea is too hot! This bed is just right, soft and cosy. I love my dog. I hate my life! I’m a failure! There are reactions that feel comfortable and relaxed and then there are those that tighten our chest and bring on overwhelming states of anxiety, stress and depression. In every moment we are reacting to something.

There is a point of power, presence and peace when we can pull back and simply watch the reaction. Not taking part in it. Not feeding the pain, humiliation, happiness or contentment; with reaction.

A seesaw is an excellent example of reaction, you see whether we have reactions that feel positive, I am a hero! or negative I hate myself, we are simply ‘i’dentifying. Recognising our self, our ego as the I. This is the point where all pain, suffering joy and hope arises from. We need to dissolve reactions which feel both good and bad to discover true peace.

Think of how many things you’ve stopped yourself doing for fear of reaction. The things we desire in our hearts, always reflect integrity, and truth. Our truth may differ from others but when we act from a state of inner grace, we allow love to be the guiding light in our life.

Often we’re so afraid of what everyone around us thinks that we box ourselves in and hammer nails around the wooden edges of the box in which we live. Inside the box its dank, dark and scary. There is no room for abundance, light or laughter, the box keeps us protected from reactions so much that we are also protected from discover our true nature; joy and bliss.

If we walked through the world unafraid and unresponsive to reaction, and judgement, be it positive or negative, we could truly feel free. What a wonderful planet this would be. Often we think we need reaction to suspend us in mid-air from hurting others, or so we do the right thing. We are reacting to humanity so much that we perceive the collective and ourselves to be tainted with blackness and villainy. We are reacting to humanity with a dirty paintbrush that creates stains across the world. Let’s pull out of this negative imagery. Let’s not react and let humanity be.

What do you really want? What are your deepest desires? What are you too afraid of achieving, being or feeling? At the core of your being there is only love. If we could truly not react to our emotions and judgements, we would paint a world of light, love, harmony and grace. It’s okay to make mistakes It’s okay to feel like a self-judging vessel, but step back and witness the judgement. Pull out of the reaction. You want grace for yourself. You want peace in your life. The way to attain this is to stop reacting to the good, and the bad in your life. To forgive your failures and accept your successes (these are often the hardest to see). Just be. Just breath. Watch life, through eyes of grace and compassion.

World peace, begins in our heart. The distress we feel scatters like broken glass onto the planet around us. It doesn’t matter if others hate us, or adore us. All that matters is that peace is present within our being. That we look at others as reflections of ourselves and show compassion, and understanding for the hurt, scared child within. We need to accept where others are at and act through eyes of love and grace at each turn.

As we dissolve reaction, we dissolve karma (as taught by the great sage Robert Adams). So look at what you are feeding. How you are reacting, trying to escape negative seed voices, and simply watch. Pull out of the cycle of cause and effect. Remain still, calm and centred in the breath. From this point we discover peace, inner grace and compassion.