Empowering Visions

All that we watch and hear, absorbs into our consciousness. We take on the energy. Be it from radio, music, television, movies, or listening to the replay of a story from a friend. Empowered individuals choose what they allow into their conscious and subconscious minds. Until we realise the self, divine love, we are living in a reality programmed by egoic consciousness. When we guide the screen of our mind towards, love and light ripples of bliss emanate from our being.

Our perception of reality is fluid and we like to grasp onto things to make it appear linear, valid and grounded. We do however experience times where we feel, hurt, betrayed, lost, in despair, and hopeless. Being able to witness these emotions, helps us to move through the pain of this material life. Until we realise the self, no one is immune from experiencing hurt.

When someone experiences a negative event it can be deeply terrifying. Their fear is valid, and needs to be healed with love, and compassion. Sometimes traumatic events take lifetimes to heal as fear closes us to the light of our being. When we are closed to our divine nature, we push away from the secret of life hidden in our hearts. We create walls which we think protect our soul, yet keep us trapped.

Negative news is one of the most powerful ways to program society to live in fear-based awareness. Focus on negative events by outsiders, does not create healing. It perpetuates fear-based consciousness. As this is an attraction based reality, it also calls fear and darkness towards our life experience. When we observe fear, we shut down. Energetically, emotionally and physically. We lose our ability to create. Creation itself is love. When we turn off, we halt  our conscious evolution.

Absorbing negativity, and extreme discipline creates fog and darkness which extinguishes our inner light. We become afraid to speak our truth. Afraid to act in ways that allow us to express our full potential as the mind cannot distinguish between reality, and illusion. Shame, bullying and guilt are all control mechanisms used to crush our spirit. We live in a world of virtual reality, perceiving things to be real which are simply illusions that cast us into the shadows. Have compassion for the shadows that linger on your soul, allow your light to shine through the darkness.

Living from a fear-based consciousness creates a fear-based society. We are inundated with bad news by the media. Yet there are examples of extreme love in every moment. Our existence is fuelled by divine love. No good news, equals suppression of society, controlled media and controlled minds. It is not a balance; it’s pulling us down into the dirt where we live in fear.

When we choose to disconnect from our heart space we step into a fear-based reality. It’s time to make a fresh choice. To choose LOVE!!! Love lifts the veil, empowers and helps us to glow. When you step into the full space of your reality, you shine like the sun.

You are good! You deserve good experiences; you deserve to know the truth of your being, divine love consciousness. I don’t care what you’ve done, or who you think you’ve been. When we step out from the clouds of fear, which suppress our light we are nothing but pure LOVE CONCIOUSNESS! I know this to be true, for I have seen it!

Lift the veil, escape the minds maze. It doesn’t matter if we occasionally get pulled back down, experience anger or resistance. It matters that we focus on love. On our hearts.

You are beautiful, you are magical; you are divine. God, Source, Spirit created you because you are worthy and valuable. Your consciousness, your existence, your presence is a gift to the world. REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMEBER!!! You emerged from the divine; you are divinity. You came here to sparkle. I thank you so much for embracing this truth, your truth. You are an embodiment of God; you are an angel and when you allow yourself to reveal your truth, divine love, you help others to shine.

THANK YOU!!! Namaste

Nerissa Marie