Sacred Messages

The Earth is sobbing, and I feel her painrippling through my body. People are suffering. Scarcity is felt in the heartof humanity and people are losing loved ones, losing stability and my heartfeels torn in two as I see the glimmers of this great tragedy sweeping theEarth and knocking upon my neighbors doors.

I want to say a prayer for humanity. For all beings. For all loved ones living, dying and who have passed through that twinkling veil of light onto the next journey. May all pain be purged. May suffering be released. May all challenges real and present be acknowledged, heard and released. May the arms of angels hold you, my friends, on your journey. Wrapping you in warmth and love and guiding your pathway with ease and light, so that obstacles are met with bravery and courage. May you and your loved ones be safe.

In these challenging times it is importantto allow yourself to feel all emotions that surface; fear, panic, terror, andmove through them. As a baby moves from a tantrum to laughing in moments. Holdingonto pain, not allow it to express through our system closes down our psychicchannels. It takes time to release deep trauma and wounds and our planet iswounded and bleeding; as are the millions of people suffering on her all overthe globe.  

My body shakes at this time with the trauma of heartbreak. As anxiousness and fear seeps into our streets, on a mass level. We are being pulled down a rabbit hole of wounds and suffering. Trauma results from walking the lines of fragility.

Please remember that your body is sacred.You have the right to be treated with love, kindness and respect. Remember thatyou are a manifestation of the divine as you experience life’s elixir. Stand inyour power. Follow your intuition and listen to your inner guidance.

Together we are scattered throughout all corners of the globe. Divine beings sprouting as flowers of Mother Earth. You deserve freedom. You deserve to make your own choices about your body. You deserve to the right to live a beautiful life connected to nature, soul centered, and grounded.

Please remember how your pain has helpedyou grow and blossom into a beautiful, heart centered being. Then pull your energy back into your heartand through your third eye so you can walk with the wisdom of the elders andguides beside you. Spirit is here to guide you, listen to the messages,txts, emails, the birds and the trees. Listen to the call of your heart. Ifsomething doesn’t feel right, acknowledge this. Choose directions by tuning intoyour heart. Be this the places you go, the books you read, the news you watch.

It is okay to take care of yourself. It is okay to be afraid. It is okay to remember that happiness is a valid option for you as an individual and your family. Breath in the sacredness of your being. You are living in a reality that is as fragile as the beat of your heart, and it is okay if your heart is wounded. People heal. Hope is an option. Faith is the answer. Trust yourself.

You don’t need to be saved, you are theanswer you have always been looking for, your soul is an incarnation of thedivine and your presence is sacred. The planet needs you right now. Natureallows calmness, wild winds, and storms, it allows forests to regrow, and greattrees to shine their love upon the Earth. I honor your pain. I honor yoursuffering. My heart goes out to this planet, your families, to every beingexperiencing the trauma of this moment.

In sacred alignment you breathe through thestorm, becoming the lightning the thunder, roaring in your power and pain. Thestorm then passes bringing gentle rains, and once more, the sacred breath ofyou brings life once again.

May you be well. May your families be safe. May you walk through this planet knowing you are a divine being of light. You are powerful, kind, gentle, compassionate and loving. You are love itself.


Artwork by Josephine Wall