Spiritual Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a room and found yourself immersed in feelings of comfort, happiness and love? On the flip side have you ever walked into a space and sensed that the atmosphere laced with tension, felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave immediately? You’re inexplicably aware that one scenario revolved around loving circumstance and the other around something unpleasant. Old buildings and land hold the energy of negative, painful events which have taken place. You can physically remove buildings, and vegetation, yet spaces hold energy. For a place to feel sacred and safe, old scars and terrors need to be healed, forgiven and released.

Differences in the atmosphere can be created to some extent through décor, structure, colour, layout and physical beauty. Yet there is a deeper truth which underlies these explanations, which relates to energy. Some environments exude well-being and nurturing energies, whilst other spaces leave you feeling uncomfortable, irritated, depressed and angry.

Everyone has the ability to sense energy no matter how subtle and feel its affects. When we enter a space we’re greeted with colours, styles and various tastes and we become interspersed with the energy which surrounds. Positive energy lifts our spirits and brings us to a place of joy and well-being. Negative energy brings us down leaving us feeling low, scared and deflated. We can use space clearing to simply and effectively create balance and harmony. A depressing space can be turned into a haven of positive, peace, tranquillity and effervescent joy.

Throughout history people have used various rituals for purifying, uplifting and cleansing the energy of homes, temples, shrines and public meeting places. Many businesses will hire professional Space Clearer’s as they have found that energy cleansing of a space can create increased productivity, sales and profit. For people who are intensely afraid, and feeling haunted by fears, space clearing helps to move on entities that may be causing havoc and to release past pains held in environments.

These techniques have been used throughout the centuries for a very simple reason – they are effective!

Simple Steps to harmonise your home:

  • Clutter can create blockages restricting the flow of life force energy throughout the home. It can serve as a representative of fear of the future or the inability to let go and release the past, a shying away of the present. A cluttered home can symbolically represent blockages present within your life. When you remove excess build-up of stuff, you make way for new beginnings and old problems can become dislodged and melt from your life and being. If you don’t love an item or haven’t used it within a year, remove it from your home. This process allows you to build trust and faith in the universe. A positive affirmation to rehearse whilst letting go is, “I have no need to hold onto anything as I am the love in all things. I am surrounded by love and abundance. I give myself permission to move into the new with ease.”
  • Sage has been used traditionally by Native American Indians due to its ability to purify spaces. Its effects are instantaneously present and thus it’s an excellent clearing tool. Sage smoke holds a strong and pungent smell; it is best used for dispelling strong, stagnant energy.
  • Begin Space Clearing with a smudge stick – a bundle of dried herbs. Put the smudge stick to flame using a match or candlelight and blow on or wave the flame with your hand to put out the fire. Leaving the embers still glowing with smoke. Hold the smudge stick over a pot and carry it through the space you are clearing. This is to prevent any of the burning embers from landing on carpets, furnishings or clothing.

The smudge stick will smoulder. Allow swirls of smoke to fill the room or home you wish to clear. Recite a prayer or words of well-being so they too can permeate the room’s atmosphere. The smoke of sage attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it can then be regenerated into positive energy. Once you have completed your smudging open the windows of your home or room to allow in fresh air and to clear the environment from lingering smoke.

  • Never leave a lighted smudge stick unattended and be sure to use water to extinguish it when you are done. Do not assume that a smudge stick bundle is out as it may begin to smoulder once again unawares.
  • Salt is a simple and ancient space clearing tool. Universally it’s recognised as fabulous purifier. Both sea and rock salt are wonderful to use for clearing. Obtain a new and fresh container of salt for space clearing. In the periphery of each room spread a light sprinkle of salt paying particular attention to the corners as this is where stagnation often tends to occur. Leave the salt for approximately twenty-four hours in order for it to have enough time to absorb and cleanse the negative energy which may permeate the room. You may wish to leave a small amount of salt in the corners of rooms to allow act as an energy booster to the room. Never consumes salt which has been used during space clearing and always dispose the salt afterward. It’s best to dissolve it down the drain, or through away rather than placing on the garden. Salt lamps do purify spaces, however they also absorb negative energy. So they are best used in environments where the energy has built up and you need help to cleanse the space. After they’ve been used for an extended period of time Feng Shui principles suggest it’s best for them to be recycled.

These simple methods of space clearing have the power and potential to transform lives. Space clearing can play an important role in creating, harmony, well-being, balance and meaning. Cleansing the energy in your home prior to moving, bringing a new baby home, after an argument, party, when someone has been ill or in the wake of an unpleasant visit can help to restore harmony. Even if you’re simply feeling out of sorts space clearing can help enhance peace within your life and home.

Space clearing offers a wonderful, easy and effective way to transform your home into a nurturing haven for your soul. When we create a harmonious sacred space we immerse ourselves into an environment which promotes healing. We find it easier to dream, think, breathe, manifest abundance and have faith in ourselves and life. Our well-being depends on nurturing our home and natural environment. Space clearing aims to heal the planet, one home at a time.