The Gift of Gratitude

Appreciation, gratification, warm wishes, we all enjoy giving and receiving these acts of kindness. Gratitude is a powerful tool. It helps us to see the world in a positive light.

When we appreciate the joy of being alive, the softness of our sheets, our spouses, partners, children, relatives and friends we at once attract a multitude of positivity. Gratitude is extremely powerful as it coats our world with a layer of sweetness. This does not mean it acts as a simple Band-Aid remedy for past hurts; instead it helps our mind appreciate moments of joy.

When we are joyous at the abundance of food, life, energy, wealth and natural beauty surrounding us a surge of positive energy is released into the universe. The floodgates of wonderful things open to us and we’re swept up in the positive current of the abundant universe.

It is incredibly empowering to know that we have the power to change, the power to grow and expand. Through the simple act of feeling grateful for all wonderful things in our life – even if we have to start small – a rainforest of positivity begins to grow around us.

So if you are feeling a tad down, neglected or just want to feel better, appreciate the things you enjoy which surround you. Rise with the sun and notice how by appreciating multiple moments of gratitude you begin to change, grow and expand. Gratitude allows our inner light to shine and acknowledges that love and joy are synonymous with existence.

The Gift of Gratitude