The Sacred Nature of Things – Minimalism, Decluttering, Minimalist Lifestyle

Recently I have been on a clutter clearing binge. Slowly the more I let go of, the more I am willing to release that which no longer serves me, holds sad or stagnant energy, or could bring an enormous amount of joy to someone else.

In the 21st century we live with the luxury of stuff. Yet to some extent, I feel, that the amount we value our things has both lessened and increased with mini hoarding popping up in many homes.

Going through my possessions has allowed me to go through an enormous amount of suppressed emotions that I knew were there, but they needed the physicality of cleansing to be fully expressed and hopefully released. Do you know that feeling when you start to go through your possessions, pull them all out, want to pack them away neatly again but then feel like vomiting? I’m quite familiar with that one now 🙂

I’ve always been attracted to the art of letting go, but this is the first time in my life where it has become a major task, and where I’ve felt called to live more simply. To really let go.

Collections are something that I’ve been looking at lately. I never actually thought I was a collector, not a serious one anyway. I’ve collected stamps and crystals as a child but both of these collections were let go of except for a few special crystals I held on to. However over the last ten years I’ve been collecting crystals again. I’m so drawn to them and in love with the energy they are the one thing I just can’t seem to leave behind. And recently I’ve been considering the sacred nature of the crystals.

I truly believe that crystals are sacred gifts from mother nature. They can help re-align our souls. Connect us to the Earth, and guide us on our life’s journey. Bringing wisdom, healing and high vibrational energy to life experiences. This faith has enhanced my desire for these beautiful creatures to surround my soul and home.

The things we surround ourselves with daily are little reflections of our self-worth, memos of how we fit into this world, tattoos which imprint our presence on this planet. I feel that we have been raised in such an insecure society that we truly believe the more we have and the more neatly and perfectly presented our life is, the better we feel about ourselves. Yet this idea that the ‘right things’ will represent us wholly, is an illusion.

Crystals have such beautiful energy and I love them. Yet now I have been thinking. Where did these crystals come from? How did I find them? Who found them deep under the Earth for me? Was their journey perilous? What does the land look like where they were mined? Is it happy? Do the crystals want to follow me everywhere, or would they rather rest in their home, deep in the earth’s crust?

I think crystals are coming to the surface in great number to help guide people on their way. We have so much access to a variety of crystals these days, more than ever before. Or maybe we had similar access in Atlantis. Yet I have come to the conclusion that I would love to keep a few, not many (mind you my few might be many to the eyes of others lol). I want to share my collection with those who love to be surrounded by their sacred presence.

These jewels are sacred tools. And a few pieces seem vital to helping navigate the pathways of planet Earth. Yet we don’t need many, just a few sacred objects, that are loved and revered. Making our footprint that little bit lighter, and cleaner. More conscious for the future.

What do you have that could be surrendered back into the Earth? Or could be shared with many souls to bring love, light, and joy to this planet?